How much do you charge for decorations?

Pricing all depends on what you want and how much you want.  If we are providing centerpieces, dance canopy, and lighting, we offer package pricing. Most weddings and parties average $400 to $5000.  If you are doing chair covers, linens, centerpieces, etc…it will all depend on the size of the guest list.  If you want dance floor decor or theme decor only, the size of the party would not matter.

Can I rent your decor and just set it up myself?

We have found that it is quicker, safer, and easier if we set up and break down our items.  Your friends and family are not experienced with setting up chair covers, hanging lanterns from the ceiling and setting the lighting to the right color or tone.  They are usually busy with hair and nail appointments on the day of the event. It is dangerous for guests who have been drinking or who are exhausted to climb ladders and deal with electrical devices at the end of the night.  It is inevitable that items will be broken or lost.  We are happy to come back at the end of the night to break down and we factor that into our pricing.

If I show you a picture of what I want, can you replicate it?  

Yes, usually we can.   We build many of our decorations and can make custom pieces for your wedding.  We work within your budget to get the look that you want.

Are you LGBTQ friendly?

Yes!  We believe everyone has the right to be married.

Can you make my bouquets and boutonnieres?  

We are happy to do simple centerpieces to meet your budget requirements and to accent your overall decor.  However, because we are usually very busy decorating, we choose not to do personal flowers since they are time consuming and usually require that we drop them off at another location.  Please contact your local florist for these items.

Can I rent the vases and take the flowers? 

Yes.  Many clients choose this option because it is budget friendly.  Many events with large, expensive centerpieces get left behind because guests don’t want or need vases that are difficult to carry and don’t fit with their home decor.

Do you offer balloon decor?  

Yes.  We can either incorporate it with other decor or just do balloons alone.

 I want a special theme.  Do I have to go out and buy all the decorations?

No.  We have lots of theme decor and, depending on what you want, we can rent or build backdrops and pieces to fit your theme.  We have done Hollywood, Tropical, Rustic, Beach, Grecian, Western, Italian, Irish, Mardi Gras, Gatsby, Masquerade, Rock n Roll, African, Winter Wonderland and many, many more…  And, we prefer to provide our own balloons and decor since poor quality balloons break easily and actually cost us more to use since they waste expensive helium.

I’m not sure what I want…can you help me?

Absolutely.  Many people are overwhelmed with the details of decorating a party, fundraiser or wedding.  Because we’ve been doing this for many years, we have lots of experience with what works in your venue, what looks great, and what can be done for your budget.

I want to DIY some of my decorations.  Can I hire you to do only part of the decor?

Absolutely.  Many brides or other clients want to make some of their own decorations to personalize their event.


How do I pay you?  

We accept cash, check or credit card.